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Event Notification Form

Use this form to tell the Wirral Event Safety Advisory Group about a public event you are planning in Wirral.

What is Wirral Event Safety Advisory Group?

The Wirral Event Safety Advisory Group has been set up to give professional advice to people organising events in Wirral. It provides a single point of contact to organisations that can help you deliver a safe event. These include:

  • Wirral Council Licensing
    • Parks & Countryside
    • Highways
    • Environmental Health
    • Safety
  • Merseyside Police
  • Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service
  • North West Ambulance Service

Why do event organisers need to complete this form?

If you are organising an event in Wirral there are certain organisations that you need to notify. They need to know about all public events taking place in Wirral so they can help oranisers to deliver safe events.

This form will save you time as we will pass it on to the relevant organisations for you.

What sort of events do I need to tell you about?

We need to know about all outdoor events that are open to the general public, regardless of size.

How do I complete the form?

Please complete the form giving as much information as possible about your proposed event.

At what stage do I need to tell you about the event?

It is important that you tell us at a very early stage, ideally with a minimum of 4 months notice, or longer for a bigger event.

What happens after I send you the form?

When we receive your form you will get a reference number. We’ll pass the details onto the relevant orgnisations and they will contact you if they need to talk to you about your event.

We’ve also prepared a checklist (PDF) to help you complete an Event Safety Plan and Risk Assessment. You’ll need to send us these documents along with your Public Liability Insurance details, no later than 2 months before your event.

Will I need to meet anyone to talk about the event?

Some events might need a meeting of Wirral Events Safety Advisory Group. This is so all the relevant bodies can meet with the organisers and discuss their proposed event in detail.

This won’t be needed for all events as often recommendations from the group can often be dealt with via e-mail or phone.

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