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Change in circumstances


If you have moved and you claim Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or Free School Meals, you can continue to use this form to notify us of your new details, however  you will need to complete a new Change of address claim form.

To access the Change of address claim form

You can only report one change at a time using this form, if you wish to report another change please complete the form with your next change

Use this form to report a change in circumstances for the following:

■ A property has been sold

■ A change to who lives with you, such as they may have moved to another property or into a nursing home/care home

■ If you start work

■ If you have a change in your income e.g. wages, pension, savings or investment

■ A change to the amount of rent you pay

■ If you start or stop receiving a benefit

■ Temporary absence from home, or caravan (e.g. hospital, staying with family, extended holiday)

■ If your partner, your dependants or your non-dependants has a change in their circumstances as it may affect your entitlement to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

■ If you want to change your contact details

If you receive Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or have registered for Free School Meals we also need to know if:

■ The income or capital of someone in your household has changed

■ Your rent or childcare costs change

■ Someone in your household has deceased

■ You or someone in your household moves house


The above are only examples, so if you have any other changes to your circumstances that you think will affect your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support - tell us anyway and we can check it for you.

If someone has deceased you can use this form to tell the council.  However by using the Tell Us Once Service, we can help tell the people who need to know.  Click here to access the service

This service means that you can just 'tell us once' and we will do the rest on your behalf to make things easier for you. You will not even need to provide each organisation with a copy of the death certificate.

For information on Data Protection

What you will need

You will need to have the following:

  • Your contact details
  • Your council reference number, if known

Evidence will be required to support your change which can handed it into your nearest Library One Stop Shop, One Stop Shop or sent it in the post. Types of evidence required

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